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The fundraiser dinners occur every other month on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:30pm.

At these dinners, we honor men and their families who are experiencing some kind of irreplaceable loss. This could be a terminal illness, loss of an immediate family member, or some other non-material loss or tragedy. Each chapter has one recipient a month. The dinner is a time to show support and encouragement to him and his family.


One way we do this is by presenting him with a monetary gift which is a collection of money that those in attendance have given. The money is collected and 100% of it goes directly to the recipient. It is a suggested $10 gift: some give more, and some give less. The money itself is not intended to be the main gift; it is just a tangible sign of the love and support behind it. At the dinner, the recipient randomly chooses the next month s recipient from a box of nomination forms that have been filled out by those in attendance at the dinner.


Although each chapter has only one recipient per month, everyone in attendance is impacted by these dinners. These events provide opportunities for men to connect and reconnect with people: new friendships are made, and old ones are strengthened. These dinners are very uplifting, and we all leave inspired and encouraged. It s always refreshing to look beyond our own needs and circumstances.


Seeing the strength of men who are enduring challenges that are more trying than our own helps put things in perspective for us. Oftentimes our personal struggles don t seem as big in light of what others are going through. Seeing these examples of faith and endurance helps give us hope and confidence, as we continue our own journeys. It also inspires us to spread that same encouragement and hope to someone else.

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