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Heimdal Science Fiction


The USS Heimdal is a member of Starfleet: The International Star Trek Fan Organization, and was Starfleet's Chapter of the Year in 2008 and 2012.  The group holds monthly including guests speakers, and holiday and special event parties.


The USS HEIMDAL, NCC-1793 was originally a Constitution Class Federation starship of the original ENTERPRISE design. This design was taken from the original STAR TREK series. In 1995, we upgraded to the Next Generation design & received a blueprint upgrade from Starfleet.


The HEIMDAL's crew membership varies anywhere from 35 to somewhere in the 90's depending on the status of our current shuttles. As a shuttle goes to starship status, the HEIMDAL's membership declines accordingly.


The name HEIMDAL may be found in Starfleet's Technical Manual. For our purposes, we chose the name from Norse mythology. Our chapter began as the shuttle ASGARD. In Norse mythology ASGARD is the name given the heavens. HEIMDAL is the god who guards the gate, or bridge, to ASGARD (the heavens). Our original newsletter was entitled the RAINBOW BRIDGE which the NORSE named the bridge to heaven, which was a quarterly publication. The Heimdal's current newsletter, The Rainbow Connection, is a monthly publication & is intended to "connect" us in the absence of our former Rainbow Bridge.

Beginning as the ASGARD in 1984, the HEIMDAL was commissioned in April 1985 as a full fledged starship. Since that time the HEIMDAL has gone on to win Starfleet's Newsletter Contest three years as Best Quarterly Publication & one year as runner up in that category. She also was recognized as runner up chapter in the 1988 Chapter of the Year Contest. In 1998, the Heimdal was recognized by Starfleet as Chapter of the Month. She has received numerous Regional recognitions and, as CO of the Heimdal, Adm. Smith has NEVER missed a reporting deadline since the chapter became a starship in 1985.

Since beginning as a starship, the HEIMDAL has given birth to 13 shuttles that have gone on to starship status and was the first Starfleet chapter to launch a shuttle in the state of West Virginia. Currently, the Heimdal has no shuttles but her original shuttles have gone on to launch shuttles of their own, making the Heimdal "grandmother" and great grandmother to many of Starfleet's chapters both in and outside R/1. We've been extrememly prolific!


The thing that sets the Heimdal and the chapters we have sponsored apart is that we remain very much like "family." We visit each other's meetings, meet at conventions and continue to enjoy the company of the others.

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