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HeartSpeak International

 HeartSpeak International is dedicated to guiding individuals to heal their emotional trauma. 

 At HeartSpeak we think differently. We are not satisfied with the way things are. We believe that current approaches are lacking, that current systems are broken. We believe that in the world today there exists too much suffering, too much hatred, too much loneliness, too much heartlessness. And our aim is to reverse this. At HeartSpeak we believe in authenticity, in sincerity, in honour and in integrity. We believe in Truth. We believe in Knowing. At HeartSpeak we believe in a World where there is kindness and compassion, gentleness and trust. We believe in a World where Love prevails. And to get from there…. to here…. requires a shift in consciousness, not of a few, but of many. At HeartSpeak, we offer a way to achieve this. A way that is new and exciting, yet simple, intuitive and elegant.

HeartSpeak can set you free.


The Developer of HeartSpeak


Dr. Anne Jensen

Dr. Anne Jensen is a clinical researcher and a published author on emotional healing and stress reduction. Trained in both psychology and chiropractic, she takes a mindbody approach to health and wellbeing.

During her 20+ years of clinical practice, she noticed the profound connection between health and mental/emotional stress, and she sought out ways to help patients effectively manage emotional upset - without it unduly impacting their daily lives.

Realising the importance of validating the remarkable changes she was seeing in her patients, she then pursued advance degrees in clinical research at the University of Oxford in the United Kingdom. While at Oxford, she first obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Performance and an MSc in Evidence-based Social Interventions , and then a Masters degree in Psychology.

Finally, Dr. Jensen completed her DPhil (PhD) in Evidence-based Health Care through Oxford’s Department of Primary Health Care through Oxford’s Department of Primary Health Care Sciences and in conjunction with the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine. Her research at Oxford supported the use of holistic approaches in healthcare. Her current research interests lie in the relationship between stress and emotions and health and behavior.

Dr. Jensen developed HeartSpeak after many years of studying, reading, research and observation. She is excited to be sharing this unique and powerful process with you - so that you, too, may unwind your mind and set your heart free…..finally!


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