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HeartSpace in Irvine by OC Airport (formerly SMHAS)


SMHAS is a holistic learning center; an open, peace-filled setting. We provide diverse, high-quality classes, events, sessions and trainings, promoting expansive thinking, heart-centered awakening, self-growth, self-healing, self-connection and self-empowerment.

We encourage heartfelt learning encounters and making new friends. We remind each other that we are powerful co-creators of our own reality. 


SMHAS supports and nurtures heightened conscious awareness and self-growth through varied, high-quality, learning experiences in group and individual sessions. 


  • All are welcome to our safe, peaceful, environment who respect the boundaries and rights of others.

  • We value integrity and diversity in our teachers and celebrate their varied backgrounds, skills and modalities.

  • All teachers, practitioners and facilitators are encouraged to perform with the integrity that comes from the connection with the Higher Guidance of each client served.

  • The only constraints on how much healing can occur come from clients' individual willingness to heal; and, what is possible, permitted and clear to bring forward for them, at that time, for their highest good.

  • Teachers, practitioners and volunteers understand that service for and through the school is an integral part of the self-work for their own journeys.

Other Aspects of Our Vision

  • As a holistic learning center, we are profitable, sustainable and volunteer-driven. Anyone can take classes, receive private sessions and individualized next steps on their journey of growth.

  • We strive to replace victimhood, co-dependence and over-giving with healthy self-connection.

  • We see each teacher and volunteer collaborating as a partner in Oneness with the school.

  • We support our teachers with marketing and technical expertise and provide classes specifically for teacher development.

  • The School supports everyone, as each travels his or her unique path and journey.

Other Aspects of Our Mission

  • We provide uplifting, social, personal growth, self-connection classes and workshops.

  • We provide and support Individual sessions with practitioners for customized guidance and next steps.

  • We provide mutually profitable opportunities for regional, national and international speakers and teachers at our venue.

  • We are a business experiment in what works, and what is replicable in other locations, for a sustainable Personal Growth Community center. Towards this end, when appropriate, we expect to publish Best Practices for Holistic Learning Centers. 

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