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HealthWise For Life

Are you looking for someone to help you lead a healthier lifestyle, optimize your nutritional needs and gain peace of mind? Carol is a charismatic expert in the field of nutrition specializing in food allergies and various nutritional concerns. She has spent hundreds of hours consulting clients on dietary issues from endurance athlete to weight loss. Her expertise comes from her personal journey, countless hours of research and working alongside the best doctors in the Tampa Bay area. Her lectures cover a wide range of topics from general nutrition to eating healthy on a budget. She conducts personalized grocery store tours to better serve her clients and help them feel at ease about their shopping experience. Yoga, Pilates, spinning and personal training are Carol’s passions, and she holds a national certification in each.

    Carol wants each person to embrace and feel the knowledge that eating whole foods nourishes the body and helps to keep their body healthy. Carol’s primary purpose is to educate her clients about the health benefits of whole food nutrition. It is with passion and joy that she reaches out to all who want to live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Carol will give you valuable insights into why foods with limited nutritional value, that are overprocessed or contain too much fat, salt, sugar and refined white flour do not serve your body’s needs. Whether you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight or improve your health, junk vs. whole foods will sabotage your worthy efforts. Even when dining out, Carol will share strategies on how to choose the better menu options and still feel satisfied.

   In her free time, Carol enjoys spending it outdoors on a paddle board, waverunner or cycling. She loves to create easy-to-prepare meals and snacks for family and friends and makes it a nighttime ritual to read a good book for relaxation. Her goal is to live life to its fullest in the healthiest way possible and encourage her clients to do the same.

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