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Healings in Motion, Inc.

Healings in Motion is a 501(c)3 non-profit agency focusing on stroke prevention and recovery from stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury("TBI") and some neurological impairments.  Healings in Motion integrated Caregiver education and support as an intricate part of its services because of the significant role Caregivers play in continuum care for chronic illnesses, long-term disabilities, wounded veterans, the elderly and more. Healings in Motion has been offering services since 2007.

Healings in Motion offers the following services:

The Central Valley Recovery, Awareness, Preventing Strokes program ("CV-RAPS")

Caring for Me Too!, a community-based self-care program for Caregivers

The Brain Health to Beat Stroke 5k and Expo

INNER SAFARI Caregiver Conference

Support Group-"Brain Aneurysm-AVM Support Group!"  

Partners for Stroke Awareness & Progress

Healings in Motion was founded by Mary Ann Nicholson, after surviving a subarachnoid aneurysm, grand mal seizure and stroke.  This life-changing event followed the loss of her husband after fighting a rigorous battle with pancreatic cancer..  Within a short window of time, Ms. Nicholson learned the challenges of caregiving and the vital role Caregivers play in recovery.  The programs offered by Healingsin Motion are based largely on services she uses to nurture her continued recovery.

For more information about Healings in Motion visit our website at

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