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Healing Women Healing Nations of NE Florida Inc.

 Healing Women Healing Nations (HWHN) of Jacksonville, FL is a start-up not for profit social service agency serving the greater Jacksonville area. Meet Michelle Poitier, a 13-year U.S Navy military veteran, mother, grandmother, entrepreneur, author, inspirational speaker and advocate.  As a survivor she advocates for other survivors of domestic & sexual abuse, homelessness among female veterans, and those battling with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). She has become the agent of change she wanted to see, helping women to overcome their circumstances and hope and dream again. Established in August 2015, “Healing Women Healing Nations of Jacksonville Inc.’s motto is to Engage the community, Educate women and women veterans with children on their benefits and resources and Empower them to persevere through their trials to accomplish their dreams. The ultimate purpose is to provide safe, stable housing to these women and their children to help them rebuild their lives.  She takes a proactive stance on being a positive force for change in the lives of women who otherwise would not have a voice. Her true focus and passion is empowering women to heal from their wounds, regain their voice and find their place in society again. She is a contributing writer to “Queendom Magazine” writing articles on “Personal and Professional Transformation”, “Sistas Helping Sistas”,Will You Be Made Whole – Surviving Sexual and Domestic Abuse”, and “An Endangered Species – Hate crimes Against African Americans are on the rise”.   Additionally, she is a contributing writer to ‘Program Success” writing articles such as “Recovering All”, “Fear”, Bringing Hope Where This Is No Hope” and “Why Am I So Driven”.   She travels around the United States sharing her story, bringing hope to others. Her message is founded on these principles – Transparency, Vulnerability and Accountability. “Just to be able to bring a gleam back to someone’s eye, providing hope where there was none, is what drives me.” To Whom Much Is Given, Much Is Required. I am my sister’s keeper and must go out to reach as many as I can; extending the lifeline that was extended to me…to others!  A life without purpose is a life without meaning. My goal is to help others identify and pursue their passion without reservations or apologies. Michelle enjoys outdoor activities such as skydiving, rock climbing, mountain climbing, running and hiking. For more about Michelle visit


Published works: “Releasing the Pain” 2008, “Random Thoughts From the Heart. A Collection”. 2011.




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