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Hayley Johnson-Mckenzie

Hayley Mckenzie is the CEO & Founder of B.Beaute Enterprises Inc, a Brand that supports the belief that with Faith, family, and balance, young women from all walks of life will ultimately be able to define their life's BEAUTE.

She struggled to find her lifes BeautE after being raped at the age of 18, she couldnt understand how the confidence and self esteem she once had was lost.  At the ripe age of 19 she was blessed with a babygirl named Lilley-Anae. Through constant struggle she devoted her time to working hard and helping those in need. Living by the phrase "as a man sow that shall he reap". Though her life didn't quite go as plan Hayley still managed to obtain a Bachelors in Speech Pathology from St. John's University, start her own business while also being a wife & mother. 

 She noticed a common thread with all of her current and previous job positions. Whether working as a nanny, children's swim instructor or weight-loss consultant she always understood the importance of having an entreprenuerial spirit and would also work part time as a hair stylist, create/sell natural hair products and design shirts from original artwork; all as ways to make an extra dollar. She never fully understood her gifting for entrepreneurship and the freedom it could bring her as a wife and mother. She finally recognized that helping, teaching and BeautEfying was a common thread in all of her undertakings.   

Since then Hayley has created a blog ( for women who need a cheerleader and it is here that she discusses the importance of Faith, Family, Balance and BeautE with them. Her hearts desire is to help them to understand that they are the captain of their own ships and that a firm foundation, and balance in all the important areas of life, will help them to create a life uniquely beautiful by their standards. 

Hayley is currently a part of the NAPW (National Association of Professional Women), Female Entepreneur Association, & Woman of Westchester group.  In addition to her blog, another of Hayley's top priority is being a young humanitarian. She has started projects through the B. Beaute Cares Foundation to help show women that a part of their Beaute starts from the ways in which they help improve the world that they live in. B. Beaute Cares has helped teen mothers who can't afford it, to get the items necessary to help raise healthy, happy children.

The B. BeautE Cares Foundation's next community service effort, will be a banquet for the homeless. The idea is to help rebuild the lost hope in humanity that occurs when people are stripped of all that is necessary to their survival (love, care and dignity). She wants ours brothers and sister who are facing life's challenges to experience the joy of being treated with love and dignity and to once again feel beautiful, if only for just for a day. It is her firm belief that true BeautE starts first with finding yourself and then using the Beaute you find, to impact and spark someone else into finding theirs. She also believes that WE as women need to be more supportive of each other, and that we need to share any information we might have that may help another; mother, sister, daughter, cousin, aunt or grand-mother to find her way in a world that can cruelly crush her dreams and kill her purpose.

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