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Hawaii Burlesque Festival & Revue 2018


BURLESQUE (or burlesk):  a humorous and provocative stage show featuring slapstick humor, comic skits, bawdy songs, striptease acts, and a scantily clad chorus.”

-American Dictionary 


In The Hawaii Burlesque Festival & Revue’s case it’s all that and MORE! The HBF is going by the standard definition of American Burlesque here, but words fail to capture all of the naughty fun we’ve got in store for you! Burlesque is artful striptease, with an emphasis on the TEASE! Our performers pour their hearts and souls into their work, telling stories, making statements and turning everyday situations into delightful opportunities to see things a little differently...and a little less dressed! 


What is the Hawaii Burlesque Festival & Revue?

"The 7th Annual Hawaii Burlesque Festival & Revue" is a locally produced event that invites 30+ local, national & international performers to share their artistry in Burlesque, Cabaret & Circus Arts in front of hundreds of electrified audience members! The HBF is immensely popular with our local audience consistently selling out shows since it's inception in 2012. Each HBF event, from shows to classes & workshops; provides a fun, entertaining and engaging way for our attendees to experience some of the finest in burlesque from around the globe, right here in Hawaii! 


When is the Hawaii Burlesque Festival & Revue?

September 7 (Hilo, The Palace Theater, 8 (Maui, The Iao Theater), 14 & 15 (Oahu, The Doris Duke Theater in the Honolulu Museum of Art) 2018


In Case You Were Wondering...A Little Bit More on The Hawaii Burlesque Festival & Revue:

Since it’s inception 7 years ago, “The Hawaii Burlesque Festival & Revue” has endeavored to offer our local audiences a rare chance to see new and exciting performers of all kinds from around the world; to encourage movement, body positivity and learning through workshops taught by experts in the field; and to help to preserve & grow Hawaii’s unique place in the annals of American Stage Performance & Burlesque history.


The Hawaii Burlesque Festival & Revue is an annual event committed to sharing the “Art of the Tease” with our Hawaii audience! Now in our 7th sparking year, the HBF has become a serious platform to showcase our outstanding a selection of the most outstanding home-grown Burlesque, Cabaret and Vaudeville performers. “The Hawaii Burlesque Festival & Revue” has also historically offered educational opportunities for kama’aina in the form of film screenings, talks, classes, symposiums and more!

“The Hawaii Burlesque Festival & Revue” is honored to have featured over 200+  Hawaii, Pacific Rim, US Mainland and International Burlesque & Cabaret Performers on the Doris Duke Theatre Stage over the past 7 sparking years. We’re happily committed to  providing our visitors & audiences alike a unique view into what makes Hawaii no ka oi!


If you'd like more information on the Hawaii Burlesque Festival, please visit:


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