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Hatha Holistic Integrative Wellness ( founded 2010)


Misia  Denéa has a B.F.A. from Esther Boyer College of Music and Dance at Temple University in Philadelphia. Mimi also is a graduate of New York’s Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner. She also recently graduated from the Raw Food Institute and is a Raw Food Educator.

 Her Yoga Classes are a vigorous vinyasa style, with a focus on flow, prana, rhythm and mindfulness.She has taught yoga through out the US and Abroad, at conferences, Universities , to homeless individuals, to HIV positive adults and has journeyed to Belize and India to teach/practice yoga.

Mimi offers a variety of Holistic Wellness Programs for those seeking to re-shape their relationship to food and excercise with her Hatha Holistic Wellness Programs. :

*  Private Sessions- offering 3 month specialized integrative wellness programs for individuals who want to re-shape their relationship to food and excercise ,reduce stress with a gentle yoga and meditation practice, learn about nutrition via food demonstrations, health food store tours and more!

* Semi-Private/Small Group Sessions- offering specialized 3 month programs to small groups or couples who want to explore wellness. Mimi can lead sessions at your work, home or for day long retreats at wellness centers.

* Yoga and Nutrition workshops for Grade School Students (k-12) to combat ADD/ADHD

*Public Speaking engagements about Health, Nutrition and Mind Body Healing at Conferences,Health Food Stores, Women's Retreats etc

*Corporate Wellness Yoga -to nurture wellness in workers in large corporations, and small corporations alike.

OWNER/FOUNDER Hatha Holistics Integrative Wellness ( since 2010)

SKYPE: misia.denea


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