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Harriet Marie Youngblood

For All Booking Appearances and Personal Invitations to appear at your next event or special activities, movie/filming for a contract fee per event or special occasion or all other individual or group services made available by legal contracts Only in person with the seller of services provided by Ms. Harriet Marie Youngblood, Sole-proprietor/ Managing Agent & Multi-Talented Performing Artist/ Poet/ Producer/ Inspirational Speaker/ Model/ Actress/ Spoken Word Artist and Multi-Contest, Beauty Pageant, Poetic Awards Finalist/ Nominee & Winner/ Ms. Iowa American Woman Select 2000 Titleholder Winner/ Glam Society, Inc. Spokeswoman since 2000-2012, Youngblood's Modeling Club Founder & Trainer/ Former Elected CPS Local School Council Member & Vice Prsident of LSC from 1998-2000 at S. S. Community Academy in Chicago's South Shore Community, etc.

You Must Meet In Person and/or By Phone Contact: 

Ms. Harriet Marie Youngblood at: 312-543-1274 or 312-241-3021 for all invitationals, events and important details or information about joining Youngblood's Modeling Club or G.S.I./ H.M.Y.E. future or current events and special meetings or workshops and/or pre-paid or planned group or individual dates to meet n' greet or attend training or other entertainment showcases with Youngblood and /or a personal one on one membership evaluation or special fee for services consultation of $100.00 per Consultation appointment for 1 Hour Max. and/or to attend any future or current scheduled or unscheduled Admission Free+Cost of Food, Beverage + if any events are for brunch/ breakfast/ luncheon or dinner/ buffet outings and any future or current meetings for an upcoming awards ceremony or sporting event and for the unscheduled ideas meeting for Harriet Marie Youngblood's future "Parade of Youngblood Models" for All Accepted/ Interviewed & Approved  Persons of 0+ Ages for "Youngblood's Modeling Club", "Glam Society, Inc. Business Group Models" or "The "Y" Cancer Foundation Group Models", "Sparpro Flirts Group Models" and Harriet M. Youngblood Enterprises  Volunteers for Strength" and  "Men of Straight Talk" and "Models of Power" and "Prophetic Children Of God" and etc.   When available for service and appearances or merchandising and advertising for profit and select direct sales service provided it is available on a fee based service contractual agreement or one time service fee per event or activity/ workshop or conference/ appearance or training session or consultation for personal counseling in respect to helping to eliviate the stress of Domestic Violence or problems resulting from Child Abductions or Child/Adult Sexual Abuse & Expoitation or Rape/Incest or any Criminal or Religious Issue that may or may not have ties to Mobsters or Political Official that I may help to give some sense of relief upon counseling and talking the facts of the matter and of the case in question if any to discuss which will be in confidence unless legally all information is to be used for criminal or noncriminal evidence in any legal or nonbinding legal case filed or unfiled in a court of law in the State of Illinois, USA. and anywhere internationally.

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