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Hardy AVARR Society

Our Society 

A network of new and experienced entrepreneurs, business leaders and industrialists who work together as a catalyst to create and grow modern businesses in this digital era.

For those who do (or want to) make a difference.



Our members are hard workers, leaders of business and industry, and they put in the time and effort to make a difference.


Unfortunately, there never seems to be enough time to do all that they want or need to do.


When much of their time is taken up by work, whether they enjoy work or not, and this means issues can arise such as:


1. Poor health

2. Damaged relationships with family and friends

3. Neglecting yours (or your families) leisure or hobby activities

4. In ability to you doing what you were born to do

5. Lack of time to develop your business

6. Your business becomes dependant on you being there

7. Poor business performance due to fatigue and/or a unhappy team

8. Not enough time to pursue the next big idea and turn it into profitable business.


To avoid or overcome these issues, they need a great work / life balance.


This is where our peer to peer network can help, starting with a work / life balance assessment our members help each other overcome their lack of time issues and improve their business, their life and the world in which we all live.


Hardy AVARR Society helps them Innovate, Change and Advance to achieve all their goals!


Our Vision

To work with our Members to turn great ideas into real solutions which have a commercial or charitable value.

Our Mission
To use a peer to peer approach to improve competence, deliver thought leadership, and complex problem-solving capability.


Excel at communicating highly complex technical subjects in a clear and simple way, to help aid understanding.


Provide these solutions with passion and excellence. Tailored to our customers for superior value and a great work / life balance.

Our Purpose
To make it possible, pleasurable and profitable for our Members to create and grow their businesses while maintaining a great work/life balance.

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