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Hardcore Mudd Run

HMR was started in the spring of 2011 by Gideon Schwartz and another Firefighter in the State of PA. As Firefighters, they know the importance of Physical Fitness, Brotherhood and Camaraderie.

Mission Statement: Hardcore Mudd Run LLC. makes a fun, challenging and somewhat safe event to push one’s physical and mental abilities to the breaking point and beyond.
                                  ABOUT HARDCORE MUDD RUN
HMR: Adapt, Endure, Inspire, Conquer.
Hardcore Mudd Run “ARMY Statement”...
Today I am not a racer, competitor or contestant.  
Today I am being tested, challenged and pushed.  
Today Pain and Fear will find ME and I will overcome.  
Today I am here to be challenged!  
Today I am here to claim my right!  
Today I am no longer I or me!  
Today I will become US and WE!  
Today WE will become members of the  

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