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HAPA Music Awards 2017

This year, the HAPA Music Awards will honor together with Schnaps Universe Inc. the African community leaders, international political figures, dignitaries, celebrities and stars who are pioneers in arts, music, fashion. We are dedicated to the well being, prosperity and preservation of children in the African communities and families everywhere around the world through our Arts and Cultures. We strive for our stellar philanthropic efforts to leave an everlasting impression that will be felt for generations to come.​​

The HAPA Music Awards the "Humanitarian African Prestigious Awards" is a multi-cultural award with the sole purpose of honoring dignitaries, humanitarian acts, presidents, musicians, leaders, entrepreneurs and creative spirit of ordinary people who have captured audiences for generations and challenged our understanding through their arts and works.



Our Mission: is to build the bridge between the African cultures and the world for the kind of recognize outstanding African artists that we may not be privy to know in order continents. The mission is to make entertaining and commercially viable, quality motion pictures that appeal to a broad audience. We have a unique brands as a company formed by a man diverse experiences skills and a multiples talents in the entertainment industry. We are passionate about what we do, to be sure. But we are strongly inspired to providing opportunities for the African youths and the next generation, who in turn can do the same for others. #HEAVEN IS OUR LIMIT.



Will Giving Back Through  HAPA Music Awards

Clothes, Food, School supplies and toiletries to the less privileged while transforming the lives of many. Portions of this year’s proceeds from our show will benefit the African Youths by building Schools and Empowering the Education in West, South, North, East and Central Africa for the next generation step by step until we reach our goal. #Heaven Is Our Limit.

Include all aspects of field and post-production, studio production.

Over the years, we’ve served hundreds of clients most notably Los Angeles/CA, Las Vegas/NV, Washington/DC, Miami/FL, Richmond/VA, Atlanta/GA, Portland /ME, Dallas and Houston/TX... From diverse market segments like medicals, sports, entertainment, business, education and more...

Thank you.


Esaie Schnaps - Founder

Founder/CEO - HAPA Music Awards

Executive Chairman/CEO - Schnaps Universe Inc.


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