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Halderman Real Estate and Farm Management

Halderman Farm Management Service, Inc. was founded in 1930 in Wabash, Ind., by Howard H. and Marie Halderman. They started the business in their home, vowing “To do for your farm what you would do if you had the time and the experience.” The business grew, as did the staff. From two people, one client and a hand-full of farms to manage, the Halderman companies have steadily grown to 40+ full- and part-time staff members managing 550+ farms, selling and acquiring over 150 properties and performing over 700 appraisals annually. It is now one of the largest family-owned professional farm management and real estate organizations in the United States, and that is the reason they say, “If it has anything to do with the business of farming, Halderman Can Help!”