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H+ | Theatre Of ThE Mind® {†∆†∑m}

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The mind is where all sources of creation and imagination begin. The mind is also what is touched by the products of the creative and imaginative. And so the astute expression of the performer and the powerful affect on the audience member meet at this intersection: Theatre Of ThE Mind . m exists to do what art is mean to do: provoke, challenge, rile, so that you exit the aesthetic experience differently than how you entered; that you will walk off with something that has you questioning, has you curious, has you perplexed.

The repertory company members of Theatre Of ThE Mind train in both The BLADE Dance Technique (S. Thomas, 1995) and The Thomas Acting Technique (S. Thomas) with the objective of surrendering to the characters in emotional conveyance, rather than 'playing' a character through emotional display. It is through this elegantly in-depth process that m accomplishes its mission of evoking an empathetic response in the viewer, thereby initiating a purposeful rift in the tidal wave of societal thought, discourse, and action.

As H+ | Artistic Director & Founder Safi A. Thomas states, 'Hip-Hop Dance has always told stories.' m preserves and continues this foundational aspect of our artform in the concert dance milieu through Statement Pieces (A vignette that makes a concise statement.) and Repertory Pieces (A series of acts that are sequenced to express a motif). Thus, m augments society's current perceptions surrounding Hip-Hop Dance through its performances, while simultaneously paving a new pathway for a professional, sustainable trajectory in the art form.

Welcome to Theatre of the Mind , the official repertory company and production company of H+ | The Hip-Hop Dance Conservatory .

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