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Gypsy Yoga Mama Brand


G.Y.M. is a movement more than a stationary practice. It's the freedom to escape the normal. Gypsy Yoga Mama doesn't fit in any boxes or categories. This movement inspired practice is for the wanderlust lovers, the moon chasers, the healers, the goddess, the intuitive, the expressive, and the barefoot explorers who always stand in their own truth. Simply put it's a practice for the people who feel placeless. Gypsy Yoga Mama flows won't just focus on asanas, but include dance, free movement, and mantras. G.Y.M. will encourage students to really explore all 8 limbs, plus being present with what's happening off the mat by asking our students to become aware of the world around them, not just the spaces that you affect. Gypsy Yoga Mama will live in your soul waking up every corner of conscience, vibrating through your body leaking out as rhythm, dance and yoga. If you love to move, dance, flow, feel, flex, and vibrant on a higher level Gypsy Yoga Mama is where you need to be.


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