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Guns For Everyone

About Guns For Everyone: GFE was established in 2010 by Isaac Chase and Edgar Antillon. Initially GFE was a platform to have fun on Youtube, but it later became the home to FREE Concealed Carry Classes in Colorado.

Guns for Everyone first started the FREE concealed carry class in response to Colorado’s HB-1226, which would have eliminated the option for college students to defend themselves. Well, that bill was killed in the Colorado Senate. Now this class is for all who want a concealed handgun permit but cannot afford, or are morally opposed to paying for a $150+ class. Our mission is to provide free concealed carry classes to all Coloradans regardless of their financial status.

We provide free concealed carry classes across the state of Colorado. Both Isaac and Edgar are NRA Certified Instructors, and have disciplines in Pistol and Rifle.