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Would you like to write more, and write better?

Start on a new project? Explore a new genre?

Discover your authentic voice?

Reignite your spark and get your momentum going again?


Guided Writing Tours are themed writing excursions to evocative locations with an award-winning writer. Each tour is unique in that it is customized to the needs of the group. Locations are chosen to specifically evoke inspiration and inner shifts. With our theme in mind, we experience our location, and write to two prompts - timed writing sessions of 15-20 minutes. All the while, I’ll guide you toward a new perspective, freedom of movement, and permission to explore your writing (and yourself) in new ways. 


An Emmy-nominated screenwriter, award-winning fiction and memoir writer,I’m also a workshop leader and guide, devoted to seeking out and revealing the miraculous in the mundane.


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