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Greg DeSimone, Catapult Advisory Group

Catapult Advisory Group works with successful family business owners to eliminate noise & distractions, create clarity, and help them achieve the results they want and deserve.
Frustration is in the eye of the beholder. The peers of many of our typical clients see them as successful; however, for some reason, as our clients define success in a certain aspects of their business, it eludes them. While most business owners do not have a problem identifying the symptoms in their business causing them stress, many struggle finding the correct root cause of these symptoms. This results in additional effort trying to fix the wrong things. Many of the typical symptoms we hear from my clients and prospects are:
■ Working hard without expected results 
■ Not enough time in the day
■ Lack flexibility and no vacation time
■ Competitors seem to be doing better
■ Employees understanding very little
■ Revenue growth under performing
■ Not sure how to can exit the business
■ No clear plan or path for success
We use a structured yet flexible business coaching process. It has been developed from our successful business experience and incorporates the work of Brian Tracy, FocalPoint International and Navigational Conversations. Using this customized approach we can focus on the specific symptoms of each business so you achieve clarity in all aspects of your business and have a clear plan that ultimately resolves the underlying issues that are causing your stress and frustration.


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