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Green Smoothie Girl

My name is Robyn Openshaw and what I’ve written here on my homepage introduces you to the many resources available on this site. The mission is to help you achieve fantastic health and energy eating whole foods, 60-80% or more raw, easily and affordably.

It isn’t a “diet”; it’s a lifestyle you will never want to quit living!

What you can achieve living the lifestyle I am teaching just might blow your mind. My rather significant research says you’ll have radically better digestion/elimination, achieve your perfect weight, and have more energy coming your way. You can also look forward to decreasing your cravings for bad food, increasing your desire to exercise, and achieving emotional stability, pretty skin and hair, and even better sex, among other things.

Here’s my story that led me to envision this mission, author my books, create and support this site, and do whatever I can to help you on the journey:

View my story here.

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