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Green Roots Kitchen-Chef Nadia Ahmed

Chef Nadia Ahmed’s food journey began in Houston, TX in a small kitchen at her mama’s side. The scents, sounds, and chaos of her busy stovetop were a constant source of excitement matched only by devouring the savory dishes that followed. While amused, Chef Nadia couldn't fully appreciate her mama's ability to corral the family around the kitchen table with the intoxicating scents. Years later, Chef Nadia found herself serving her family traditional recipes passed down, always hosting dinner parties and creating new recipes with fresh ingredients, that’s when she knew she wanted to become a chef. Chef Nadia classically trained at the The Art Institute of Houston and started Green Roots Kitchen in 2014 and continues to carry on her mama’s tradition of bringing people together through food and love. She is currently studying dietetics at the University of Houston while being a personal chef, dietary advisor and environmental sustainability advocate with a colorful character. Nadia helps those who are transitioning into a plant-based, vegan lifestyle, individuals with special dietary needs or suffer from food allergies and sensitivities, specific dietary requirements due to illness or medical diagnosis. She accomplishes this through practicing purposeful, spirited living, offering interactive cooking classes full of flavor, educating her students to learn practical cooking techniques to apply in their own kitchen. She loves teaching her students how to eat colorful, nutrient-dense foods, while supporting the sustainable farm-to-table social movement and utilizing local, organic whole foods. Chef Nadia is a proud member of The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the United States Personal Chef Association. Chef Nadia continues to carry on Mama's traditions by bringing people together through food and love. When not in the kitchen, Chef Nadia enjoys outdoor adventures, (vegan) cheesy jokes, spending quality time with her family and friends and collecting magnets from around the world for her impressive magnet collection!

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