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Green Beret Challenge

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As of 2018 the Green Beret Challenge (GBC) continues to grow its presence and service offerings across the United States and now globally through participation in the Obstacle Course Racing World Championships.

Founded in 2012 by a former Special Forces, Green Beret, the GBC caters to the increasingly growing obstacle course racing (OCR) community and offers participants an array of personal challenges that test strength, physical endurance and mental fortitude. Beyond the typical experience found through other OCR companies, the GBC also offers participants the opportunity to develop their problem-solving and rapid decision-making skills. No other OCR company offers the convergence of this level of physical/mental endurance with intellectual decision-making that makes GBC unique in this respect.

The Green Beret Challenge is continuously growing its customer and fan base. We ve hosted thousands of participants with a 90% return rate. Through word-of-mouth, media coverage and industry media interviews and reviews, we ve gained incredible momentum and awareness in the OCR/Endurance arena.

Our Mission
Through growing market expansion and service offerings throughout the country, our mission continues to focus on fostering relationships between our military and civilian communities. In 2017 GBC became an official charity partner of Operation Enduring Warrior (OEW), a non-profit 501(c)(3) whose mission is to honor, empower and motivate our nation s wounded veterans through physical, mental and emotional rehabilitation.

Through these partnerships, we ve committed to using our platform to help raise funding and bring greater awareness to these veteran-focused charitable organizations. GBC continues to seek partnerships with non-profit veteran organizations that align with our mission and values and help bridge the connection between the civilian and veteran community. To that end, GBC itself will become a registered nonprofit organization in 2018, allowing us to further support the veteran community.

Building Better Humans
It s more than just our tagline, it s the foundation upon which we ve built this company. While other endurance companies focus on pushing physical limitations to test breaking points, GBC focuses on breaking mental barriers to achieve success. We provide physically and mentally demanding events delivered within a positive setting that inspire participants to push beyond their limitations. At the conclusion of our events, participants walk away with a sense of accomplishment, critical problem-solving skills and most importantly, a newly acquired level of perseverance that transcends into their everyday lives. Our objective is to provide participants with a demanding, yet rewarding experience that induces a positive paradigm shift in the way they view and tackle challenges in life. In essence, building better humans.

Event offerings
As veteran Green Berets, we believe it is our inherent responsibility to transfer our knowledge, skills and field experience to the community by creating events that provide participants with personal growth and development in addition to racing and endurance.

Our approach offers a unique progression path that builds upon the other. No other race series in this industry comes close to this approach.

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