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Greece Needs Love, Inc. Atlanta

Greece Needs Love is a non-profit organization born in London in 2013 and since January 2016 based in Atlanta, Georgia (USA). GNL is pro the reunification of the Parthenon Marbles and our mission is to help artists, artisans and researchers from Greece or with Greece as the main subject of their postgraduate education. We support the production of contemporary Greek Art while preserving the Greek Art History as common roots to the world. 

Generosity towards Greece is our first duty! 

Our Values: 

As Pericles claimed in a famous speech we believe in the nobility of spirit. We make friendships not by receiving kindness from others but by conferring it on others. Helping others makes us a more trustworthy friend, because we then act so as not to lose the good will that our help created. We do kindness to others in the spirit of liberality, which motivates us.

We believe that Art education helps and gives a better future to children; gives them the ability to resolve problems, overcome obstacles, and helps them to understand and communicate with the world.
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