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Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary

Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary (sanctuary) protects the wildlife, habitats, and natural resources within 3,295 square miles of ocean off the northern and central California coast. Through a process called upwelling, wind-driven currents bring nutrient rich cold waters to the surface, creating the building blocks for one of the most biologically productive regions in the world right in our backyard! Sanctuary waters not only are important places for recreaction and commerical fisheries, but they provide breeding and feeding grounds for at least twenty-five endangered or threatened species; host over a quarter million breeding seabirds; and have one of the most significant white shark populations on the planet. Unfortuantely all of these treasured species and the habitats that support them are being threatened by the influx of marine debris.  Not only does marine debris pose a health hazard for marine species through entanglement and ingestion, marine debris is also be a navigational hazard, causes economic impacts, and is a risk to human health and safety. Thankfully through the sanctuary's Marine Debris Monitoring and Assessment Program, local volunteers are conducting beach surveys to record data about marine debris in order to better understand the scope of the problem.  Through this program monthly surveys help determine the type, abundance, and frequency of debris at six locations along the sanctuary coastline . Data collected through the program helps target better locations and timing for local habitat protection measures and beach clean ups, while also informing regional and national marine debris efforts. This first ever mational effort can't be missed. Join a survey and be part of the soluntion!



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