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Greater Birmingham Democrats, Shelby County Flip It Blue, MAD? Make A Difference, Homewood H.I.V.E., Vestavia Democratic Club, and Forward Alabama

Established after the 2004 presidential election, Greater Birmingham Democrats (formerly Over the Mountain Democrats) was initially established to let everyone know there are, in fact, many Democrats in the supposedly solid Republican southern suburbs of Birmingham. Blue Dots are numerous, in all walks of life, in what is often perceived as a sea of red.

Since then, our membership has grown, and folks from ALL sides of Red Mountain, and far beyond, have joined. We changed our name from OTM DEMs in March, 2017 to better reflect the diverse geographical area of our membership and supporters. We work for our Democratic values EVERYWHERE.

Our mission is to strengthen the Democratic Party in our communities, in order to advance, through grassroots efforts, our values of fairness, integrity, compassion, and economic opportunity for the benefit of every citizen.

Greater Birmingham Democrats is a founding member organization of Forward Alabama.

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Membership is only $30/year.To join, visit:      

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