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Grand Central Neighborhood Social Services Corp.

Grand Central Neighborhood is a nonprofit organization committed to providing immediate relief to New York City’s homeless population. Through our MainChance Multi-Service Center we offer basic necessities such as food, clothing, showers, and beds for evening respite.
We also have a wide range of social services including case management, group workshops, medical and psychological services, treatment referrals and housing assistance. Our Soup Kitchen serves 3 (Three) meals daily, 7 (Seven) days a week and is open to the public.
In order to help people use our center as a bridge to a more secure life, we have designed a delivery of service program to meet our clients at their various levels of need- tailoring our services to fit the specific situations of each individual in a welcoming and safe environment. We recognize that, for some, simply coming in from the streets is a significant step.
We accept donations of clothing, personal items and in-kind donations. All donations are used towards client services and the enhancement of the program.


For Details Contact:
120 East 32nd Street
New York, NY 10016
(212)883-0680 Ext. 124

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