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God Within Her Ministry

 God Within Her Ministry


God Within Her ministry is formed on the principals of several biblical verses. Psalm 46:5 says God is within her she will not fall. We believe that God is our protector, our refuge and shelter and as long as we reside in his word and his will, we will not fall.


Titus 2:3-5, it is our duty as women to help each other, grow each other, to train younger women in Biblical, Spirit-empowered, love-based living and to be sisters in Christ. Proverbs 31:10-31, we are to do good, manage our home, finances, love all and in all that we do be obedient to God and his will.


We realize that as women we tend to lose ourselves, our identity, and our power. We get caught up in life, raising kids, loving our spouse, but we forget to love ourselves. Some women think they are whom they are with, the clothes they have on, their hair and nails…But all of that is simply superficial. See all those things can change like the wind, but when you are solid in whom you are in God, no one can take that away from you.


God created you to be powerful, beautiful, Knowledgeable, Strong , and gentle all at the same time. We as women of God have been given the ability to intercede on others behalf, when Moses would not circumcise his son, it was his wife who stepped in and did it so that God would not kill Moses for disobeying him. It was Ester who walked around the palace as royalty, despite where she came from; she interceded for her uncle Mordecai and for her people.

we have to stand together, I am my sisters keeper, just as she is mine. Being sisters we are going to do as sisters do, I may not agree with everything you agree with and vise versa, but regardless Im still going to love my sister. That means when my sister is so beaten down by life, im going to stand in for her. Im going to stand in the gap and pray for my sister. Even though I pray for her anyway, but during her time of trial and hardship, when she is burdened I have to step in and lift her in prayer.


We are a village and we have to help one another. Who am I to turn my back when I see someone’s need, and I am able to provide. Like Tabitha who was not rich but she made beautiful garments for the widows and orphans of her city. She used what she had to give back and help, we can do the same.

God Within Her is about God, sisterhood, encouragement, love, humanity, and living life in God.

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