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Go Ye Ministries


Transcending cultures, countries and languages, rural and urban settings, the sole passion of Go Ye Ministries has been to see lives transformed by the power and the love of the living God. Outdoor meetings, prisons, girls' homes, Teen Challenge, large congregation or small, Go Ye Ministries has been answering the call to minister to people's needs since 1984.

Under great anointing of the Holy Spirit for healing and deliverance, lives have been forever changed by the impact of Go Ye Ministries. Marriages have been restored. Bondages to addictions have been broken. Those whose lives were bound are now set free. Uncompromisingly powerful ministry of the Word of God, passion for God, and unconditional love for lives Go Ye Ministries has yielded eternally lasting changes in many men, women and youth.

Jesus commanded: "Go ye into the world." Go Ye Ministries continues to respond to the command. Undaunted by diversity of cultures and languages, Go Ye Ministries is doing exactly what Jesus commanded and what the ministry name claims…..going into all the world bringing God's transforming power to change lives.

Go Ye Ministries is Available for...

Outdoor Meetings

A great way to provide an atmosphere for the community (outreach) to hear and experience the Love of God. Jean Ann has preached under a tent, in the street, town square, etc.

She has a way to bring you to tears through laughter or the wrenching of the heart. The Word rings true through her own personal testimonies. She longs to bring hope to those who have none.


Through the years Jean Ann along with her husband Nick and family have ministered in numerous prisons throughout the US ministering hope and healing. Her heart says "there is no bad person." She ministers with The Love of Jesus and has seen many lives come to Christ in the prison - A burden for the lost burns within her.

Girls' Home, Teen Challenge

it is not at all uncommon for Go Ye Ministries to go into a center and share The Love of Jesus with a passion that ignites a hunger for the reality of knowing who God really is. Jean Ann longs to bring hope to those who have none. Oftentimes she can relate to what others are going through. Couple experience with anointing and you've got a dynamic mix!

Youth - Heart 2 Heart with Mrs. D.

Growing up a very unhappy teen herself she remembers the rejection and pressure, the hurts that cut so deep yet cannot be spoken. She has loved teenagers and always had a special place in her heart for them.

She teaches respect and through the anointing of the Holy Spirit brings to reality in the hearts of the youth that "they are somebody!"

"No matter how you grew up, what you've been told, who your parents are or are not, or how you feel about yourself, God does not make nobodies! He doesn't make ugly or stupid people because He's God and doesn't make mistakes. YOU ARE SOMEBODY!" is Mrs. D's message.

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