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Global Paint for Charity, Inc.


Did you know that nearly 150 million gallons of paints end up as waste in The United States, United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand combined? At the same time, nearly 2.5 billion people in developing countries live on less than $2 a day can’t save enough to buy a gallon of paint. When people paint their home or a plant is closed, they have a lot of "paint." Unfortunately, some of this "paint" is perfectly new or half-full that could be donated to community in need rather than thrown away. Today, we've mobilized over 200 companies across 25 states in the U.S. and 5 countries to donate their non-consumable paint for our humble cause. Over 120,000 gallons of paint have been shipped to 18 countries in West Africa, Central America, the Caribbean, and war-torn areas of the Middle East and beyond -- even places like New York, Chicago, Indiana, Westside Community Atlanta, New Orleans, and Broward Community in Florida suffering from floods, storms, earthquakes and other natural disasters -- have received great number of gallons of paint donations from Global Paint for Charity. The paint beautifies dilapidated schools, churches and family homes in poor communities.  Most of the paints are from major top brands including Akzonobel, PPG, Ralph Laurent, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Valspar to site a few. The distributed paint has a market value of $4.5 million which made it one of the largest donations of foreign Aid to the developing countries without the assistance and support from the U.S. Government.


Together, we bring hope, color, happiness, pride, encouragement, we uplift the spirit of many underserved urban families living in slum areas and poor environmental conditions, and put smiles on many faces in different continents one gallon at a time. While there may be more pressing issues in developing countries than the facade of a wall, a classroom or a building, when you really think about it, you may realize that the right color in a room can truly change the ambiance of a place and the attitudes of those who inhabit it. It's also an incubator for bacteria, disease, germs, mold and poor sanitation.

Chances are, you are like most homeowners in the U.S. who have 3 to 5 gallons of leftover paint stored in your basement and garage. Sadly, every year more than 30 million gallons of commercial and residential paint wind up in landfills, increasing the chance that the toxins from the paint can pollute our water supply. Through our efforts, we give people the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of their home through recycled paint. We are protecting the environment, changing lives and saving the world one gallon of paint at a time.

Global Paint for Charity is a non-profit organization founded by Rony Delgarde, who grew up in Haiti and knows what life can be like without color all around. In the past year, Global Paint for Charity and Rony Delgarde have received numerous awards including, but definitely not limited to The Empire Board of Realtist 58th President's Awards & Scholarship, The Global Paint for Charity was nominated as Finalist of The Metro Atlanta Chamber 2016 Atlanta E3 Awards, the 2015 Best of Atlanta Awards for Waste Recycling & Disposal Service & Equipment. Allstate’s Champion for Good 2013, AfroStyle Magazine’s People to Know, 2014 Non-profit of the Year Awards with Albuqueue Business First, and multiple spotlight news stories including CNN Impact Your World, ABC and AJC. With all of our publicity, the requests continue to increase. We are currently working to secure volunteers in every state as well as actively seeking new warehouse locations to house the paint while in transition from collection to donation.
We are excited for each new day as it brings more opportunities to share our vision with the world and continue to paint the world beautiful. We hope that you will join us in our mission by making a donation today. Even if it's only $10, $100, $1000 to help our cause.  Global Paint gives hope to the hopeless, change lives and protect the environment one gallon of paint at a time.  The Global Paint's story is fascinating.  Our goal is to raise significant funding for a larger warehouse to process 3,000-5,000 gallons of paint weekly, creating jobs not just in paint processing, but in transportation and logistics, as well. Please consider donating today - we need your support.  All donations are tax deductible.  If you or any of your friends would like to donate a truck or an empty container  or a vacant warehouse facility to help transport and store the donated paint  please give us a call.  PLEASE DONATE WHATEVER YOU'RE ABLE TO.

Global Paint currently supports the following Community Beautification projects:

  • Outdoor home painting for residents that are physically and/or financially unable to paint the residence on their own including Family Homes, Schools, Recreational Centers for Women and Homeless.
  • Painting of common neighborhood areas, which can include walls painting, community parks and sidewalks and Dividing Lanes.
  • Painting a homeless shelter, repainting an historic cemetery and vacant houses.
  • Repainting classrooms at a public school, libraries, churches, youth sport stadiums, Soccer, Basketball including local playgrounds and much more.
  • Community Cleanup activities. Remove glasses, plastic bags, caps, plastic bottles, and other micro trash and debris that had accumulated over many years in abandoned areas in the community.
  • Garden’s Restoration and Cleanup: restoring vegetable gardens, watering plants, removing weeds or adding weeds to eliminate non-native invasive plants.
  • Housing Rehabilitation Projects for Veterans


When faced with local challenges of assisting many elderly seniors and widows, no single program can come up with solutions on its own, which is why a community beautification initiative is essential to leveraging impact. Each local project offers a collaborative platform that facilitates the exchange of volunteerism and resources between the private sector, public institutions, non-profits, and government officials.



We have listed some of our past projects with large corporations, universities and other non-profit organizations like United Way, Hands on Atlanta Comcast, Local Young Leaders groups, Bank of America, UPS, and GSU on the website you can check them out at click on each subject for details. We recently work with corporate partners, Young Professional Leaders/LINC, Youth United Atlanta, Suntrust Bank, United Way Staff Members in a community Beautification Day of Service in which 80 volunteers engaged and helped beautify the Empire Board of Realists building.

The Empire Board of Realists Office is where hundreds of minorities and females are learning to become entrepreneurs, small business owners, obtain financial education and become role models and leaders in our community. Many of them are very thankful for the fresh color of paint on their building. Global Paint for Charity’s volunteers, sacrificed a Saturday morning to help make the building a brighter place.

For many volunteers, it was a good opportunity to learn new skills, team work and making a difference, others enjoyed some networking time and watching the transformation of the building from an old beige to a perfect gray color.
“This is the first time I painted anything, I have painted my nails, that’s it! I really enjoy this event. I get to spend time with my friends and met new people while giving back to my community" said one of the young leaders, Linda.

Our Community Beautification Day of Service is a way of educating a more beautiful and better community and showing the volunteers or future leaders in our community the importance of caring for their neighborhood and the less fortunate.

Every year, hundreds of young people are sent by the local Juvenile Court judges and High Schools throughout the Atlanta area to volunteer to paint for elderly seniors and widows who are physically and/or financially unable to paint their residence on their own including Family Homes, Recreational Centers for Women and Homeless. Other local groups have worked with The Global Paint for Charity or participate in our local paint projects and paint drives where our staff oversees and evaluates their work. Through our community service programs, we have coached, mentored and trained individuals to behave and ultimately become better workers, students and leaders in our community.

 Central America

In Central America and Caribbean, over 80 churches, 48 basic schools and 200 homes got a fresh coat and touch up so far. Our volunteers paint schools and orphanages which helped save many lives, and thanks to their efforts, single mothers and young girls are able to put a layer of coating on their murals or furniture and craft products to attract local customers. The number of women starting and running their own painting businesses continue to grow everyday. So many of them used to live in poverty, they are lack abilities, education and opportunities. Our programs help the underprivileged people to launch a small paint business and assist them to realize their dreams around their world.



This year (2016) has been a great year for many things, and we want to share our thoughts with you about these exciting projects and what they will mean in the world. We have worked with our partners to help bring colors and hope to the infrastructures in West Africa through a range of projects. One of such projects is Basic Schools Beautification programs, which seeks to beautify 4500 Basic Schools in underserved communities by 2025. A number of basic schools in Ghana have received some paint from GPC to paint a total of 300 schools this year, ranging from staff common rooms, kitchen, head teacher offices, toilets, pavements, play & parade grounds, and classrooms, libraries, sport centers etc.


Global Paint is expanding to other West African Countries. GPC is however working with representatives in Benin, Senegal, Kenya, Mali, Nigeria Cameroon and other NGOs in West Africa to execute a range of projects to change lives and beautify essential structures of basic schools. A continent where many told us a shipment of paint could be too expensive and would never get there. Well, they were wrong. As you can see in those pictures, our partners are delivering paint to basic schools today, and the kids are so happy with the paint. And guess who is going to start painting the entire school tomorrow? The painting starts tomorrow and the kids are going to paint their school. They are very excited, and can’t wait to learn new skills, what’s a feeling, an amazing experience? Many years from today they would remember their collective effort. Stay tuned, we will post more photos soon. Help us teach them how to fish, not just feed them fish!!

Current Needs

We currently have several priorities. Please take the time to read through them and reflect on where you may be able to help fill a need.

Although GPC currently relies exclusively on volunteer labor, the organization aims to one day have funding for paid staff, creating full-time jobs not just in paint processing, but in transportation and logistics, as well . GPC also hopes to offer consolidated paint for sale at low cost. “The amazing news is we have been approached by 3 great institutions including the students from Georgia Tech to design a machine that can process the paint. However, the costs to produce a digital machine will vary depending on our desired methods and technology. Some companies require a down payment to cover the raw materials etc. Our goal is to raise significant funding for a larger warehouse to process 3,000-5,000 gallons of paint weekly.

Warehouse Space

We are currently looking for a larger storage facility to store our paint in the Atlanta area. Beyond Atlanta, we may also need larger warehouse 10k Sq. Ft to enable our volunteers to collect more paint. For example, in the Chicago, Miami, New York, Boston, New Orleans and San Fransisco areas, we have numerous people wanting to donate. However, we are currently collecting only as we find a project that can use the paint. Having a small collection storage in that area could change how we are able to collect. If you live outside of the Atlanta area and have warehouse, trucks contacts, please get in touch with us so we may assess the likelihood of necessity.

Board of Directors & Volunteers


At Global Paint for Charity, we would like to recruit new board members and build a culture of responsibility. We are looking to bring in leadership talent in several key areas including fundraising, global corporate relations and communications. We also need to appoint a program director and new marketing officer. If you have any contacts in these areas, please pass along our information and get in touch with us.


We can use more media attention and your continued support. Please check out the media video link posted on the Home Page and share it on every social networking site you are a part of. We can continue to expand and become a movement with your help. We know we are worth it! Global Paint for Charity, Inc., remains a one-of-a-kind group adding color and encouragement to people’s lives, covering their world with colors, pride, hope and happiness. It is noteworthy that GPC knows that paint takes a huge toll on our environment and has created a movement to protect and improve the living conditions of our poor. Focusing on preserving our environment by keeping paint out of landfills and water sources has distinguished GPC as a deserving non-profit to support.

We currently have a list of communities that are still waiting for a gallon of paint to be blessed with the opportunity to brighten their lives, beautify their communities. This opportunity is a tremendous blessing to these people offering them a path for a brighter future and hope. We know the paint can't help end the cycle of poverty, hunger, and despair but it will help them lift themselves up, unit them and protect their lives. This is just one example of the long-term, life-changing impacts and non of which would be possible without the generous support of friends like you.

If you have read the book or seen the movie "A Painted House" by John Grisham, you have a much more graphic illustration about the value of a family having a house that is painted. As you can see, your gift is critically important and is used strategically to change countless lives. Please remember, this is not just an opportunity to donate your unwanted paint or other gift to a great cause. This is your chance to live your faith obligation by supporting and helping the less fortunate in the world.

For more information, please contact us at or call us today at (855) 853-7772 .

Click Here for "Suggestions for Oil Paint Recycling and/or Disposal"

Click Here to download a PDF Paint Donation Form

For larger donations (500+ gallons) or details on our partnership opportunities and supporting programs in your community Click Here

We are so grateful for your thoughtful support and for joining in our efforts. Please know that it’s only through kindness like yours that we are able to continue our commitment to providing good quality paint to those in need and changing lives around the world


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