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Global Oved Dei Seminary & University

Global Oved Dei Seminary & University (GODSU) dba Global Bible Institute dba GODSU is a web-based INTERFAITH learning institution. GODSU is divided into a University which includes Leaders from the Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddist, Christian, Baha'i and Sikh Communities. Our CHRISTIAN SEMINARY where students are offered earned degrees from the Bachelors to Doctoral level is operated by Global Bible Institute If you sense the call of God on your life, desire formal training to equip yourself for ministry, need to study how to successfully conduct a Non-Profit Business or sharpen your Entrepreneurial skills you have found the right University for your needs. Here are three reasons why you should put GODSU on your short list of schools to consider: 

1- GODSU is mission oriented: Our students are prepared to start or revitalize a new Ministry or Not-for-Profit Business.

2- GODSU is committed to web Education: We are one of the few Seminary & Universities where you will be trained in web based ministry as well as Not-for-profit and Entrepreneurial Studies. Education in the 21st century requires that we leverage all the tools available to us today. We are committed to claiming the web as our Global classroom. 

3- GODSU acknowledges the central role of God's Spirit: We have assembled a highly qualified faculty to guide you in your studies.

The 10 characteristics of Global Oved Dei Seminary & University (GODSU)

  1. Spiritual 
  2. Non - discriminatory 
  3. Empower
  4. Enlighten 
  5. Challenge 
  6. Equip 
  7. Love
  8. Inclusive 
  9. Preparation
10. Ethical

Global Oved Dei Seminary & University (GODSU) is devoted to deepening the Spiritual, Not-for-Profit and Entrepreneurial training of its students through intense scriptural and historical studies.

We make a two-fold commitment to our student body. The first commitment is to develop Godly leadership in ministry through intensive programs which are the equivalent of the best seminary programs available. The second is to develop our Not-for-Profit business and entrepreneurship studies as well as offer training applicable to the management and growth of non-religious and religious institutions. 

GODSU's aim is to foster universal unity between human beings seeking spiritual and utilitarian education from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds using our educational global delivery systems to reach every continent. As such we have representatives on our Board of Governors with ties covering all regions of the World....USA, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Caribbean, South America and UK.

We believe that having a true understanding of others with varied backgrounds can only be birthed by creating a non-conflicting environment of learning with a mixture of people from different nationalities, races, religions, faiths, and cultures. GODS University is such a forum. Our students, whether Jewish, Atheist, Christian, Muslim, Baha'i, Agnostic, Buddhist, Sikh or Hindu can learn together in a non-discriminatory environment how to plan, execute, grow, nurture and reproduce their Not-for-Profit institutions, businesses and contribute to Godly work worldwide. 

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