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Global Language Project

About Global Language Project

Global Language Project is an innovative educational movement that empowers disadvantaged public-school students to excel in a globalized world by teaching them languages other than English.
Global Language Project (GLP) is an innovative educational movement that equips disadvantaged public school students in New York City to compete in a globalized world and workforce. Through GLP's comprehensive six year free language training program elementary school students will achieve fluency in a language other than English. The curriculum emphasizes traditional and experiential learning and was created by leading educational professionals. In the process of transforming individual lives, GLP also advocates educational equality in language study at underserved schools.
Company Overview
Global Language Project is the visionary product of Angela Jackson, its founder and CEO. Nurtured by her experience traveling for work with multinational companies and living in France, Angela saw first-hand that children abroad were not only multilingual at an early age, but that their ability to speak more than one language positioned them more competitively for opportunities in higher education
 and the global marketplace.

From this, Angela founded Global Language Project in 2009 with the goal of giving U.S. students an opportunity to become proficient in a language other than English, with a focus on children in underserved public schools. She combined her corporate-management experience with the expertise of language educators and public schools to create a unique, six-year, after-school curriculum and program teaching critical-needs languages to underserved schoolchildren.

The first after-school language program launched in September 2009 at P.S. 368 Hamilton Heights School in Harlem, offering third-graders with after-school instruction in Mandarin or Spanish until their eight-grade year.

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