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Global Empathy Training Academy

Global Empathy’s goal and purpose are to use a holistic approach to professional development training that uses tenets of positive psychology to build a more empathetic society. Our academy offers training and development that introduces topics designed to help restore well-being in a traumatic era of civil unrest, in addition to redefining the landscape of 21st-century leadership. The empirically established and supported courses will help professionals build cultural competencies for global citizenship and reframe organizational vision. Global Empathy’s curriculum employs authentic, virtuous, and ethical leadership themes to face life challenges as a heutagogical (lifelong) practice. We offer operational, tactical, and strategic training models with topics of instruction on positive psychology, leadership, empathy, social equity anti-racism, and conflict resolution. The courses are targeted for licensed professionals and leaders who are required to manage and work with people. ​​​​​​​