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At Glamafunk we are dedicated to bringing you the finest in funky, sexy house music. Great nights out, with a difference! 
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Something unusual is happening in the furtive depths of the City whilst all the worker ants have evacuated for the weekend. From behind clandestine closed doors, you just might be lucky to hear a suggestion of a funky rift to whet your appetite. Your pleasure-seeking quest, if you choose to accept, is to sniff out Glamafunk. These exclusive monthly parties are consistently bursting with an uncommonly friendly and glamorous crowd. Glamafunk is all about pure, sexy funky house… and nothing else. Prepare to be enticed into a world where glamour is fused with the funky beats of a sexy city.

Our live events feature live bongo players, percussionists, dancers, projections and fire & light shows. 

Glamafunk is about glamorous clubbing, dress to impress, we will be having themed events and also parties for celebs and the a part of this experience!!! 

Check the photos down below!

Don't forget to invite your friends by joining the group, then click on invite people to come, a friend list then shows up, you will need to click on all the friends you want to invite and then send invitations. Once done PM Glamafunk for c.d giveaways and VIP entry at our next event

Do the same for the event, by clicking on the event, then invite people to come, again you have to scroll down your list of friends and tick them, once done you can then just click send invitations... Once this is done PM Glamafunk for a chance to get c.d giveaways, VIP and freebies!!!


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