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Geraldine Novy BS, RN, NC-BC, FMCHC; Cassandra Hector Bsc, PHN, CLC, CDC Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach; Tracy Krane, Product Development Specialist, Apex Energetics; Michael Yanni, Health & Wellness Coordinator, Metropolitan Ministries

I am creative, compassionate and care about the wellness of humanity. I am originally from Cleveland, OH. I had worked for 25 years as a International Industrial Designer & Artist for lighting companies in the home furnishings market.  Travel to China for five years caused lead toxicity in my body.  Dr. David Perlmutter chelated me in Naples, FL which renewed my ability to figure skate after restoration of my health.  I am a holistic RN today with a focus as a Health Coach.

I contribute to the community hospital on a neuro-telemetry, diabetes certified unit. The majority of my time is collaborating with the community as a Health Coach. My passion and belief in health & wellness centers around mindfulness in engaging mind, body and spirit as the whole-person approach to well-being. I am an Integrative Health Coach from Duke Integrative Medicine. Currently, I am a Functional Medicine Health Coach candidate. I host the monthly Functional Forum in Tampa.  I created a health & wellness business, Pinwheel LLC, The Art of Wellness Lifestyle.

My JoY is figure skating. I skate and compete with an ISI Adult Championship Synchronized Team in Tampa.



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