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Georgia Pellegrini

Growing up, I always canned things for the winter and put them on the mantle to admire and open one by one during the coldest months. They were a spectacular treat in February when the taste of August’s tomatoes was a thin memory. I also have fond, peculiar memories of a glass jar sitting on the fireplace mantle, holding a liquid that constantly reinvented itself. It changed by the day, by the hour sometimes, from something strange to something more recognizable. This liquid was kefir, and is intensely good for you, a drinkable yogurt full of good bacteria, and, even better when flavored at the breakfast table with fruit purees.

My classes are all about preserving in its many forms. Fermenting, salt curing, pickling and simply jarring good ingredients is a wonderful skill to have, because it means eating at home more, enjoying the fruits of your own labor, and preserving flavors so they are always “in season.” Each class is specifically tailored for either children or adults because we should all start young, but it is never too late to learn…

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