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Georges Brisset - Life Beginner's Manual

Georges Brisset is an author, coach, and speaker dedicated to raising the consciousness of the world and helping individuals reconnect to their true divine nature and power through a unique daily practice made for the modern lifestyle.


As an explorer of the mind and world, Georges is an independent scholar, a dedicated teacher, and the author of the Simplified Brain Theory, a cognitive science applied into an everyday mindfulness practice.


Georges is a living example of his teaching and working with him or attending one of his workshops is a chance to find your own truth.


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Life Beginner's Manual - Book Cover  Georges at the whiteboard


In 2016, Georges authored the book Life Beginner's Manual, which has been declared "A Truly Life-Enhancing Manual for Better Living".

Georges has been practicing meditation daily for years, studied several martial arts, Yoga, and Taichi. and is a senior instructor at the World Martial Arts Center in Brooklyn, NY.

His blog and newsletter are resources for those who want to upgrade their personal development.

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