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Gentle Response LLC

John Riley grew up all over the world as a foreign service brat, his father was a member of the US diplomatic corps.  He joined the Army in 1989 as an infantryman, and was part of the liberation of a Kuwait  during Desert Storm in 1991.  He left the Army in 1996, and became a police officer for the city of Grand Rapids, MI.

John spent his 20 year career as a road patrol officer, 17 of those years on night shift.  He realized early in his career that it’s not always foot chases and driving fast with lights flashing and sirens blaring, the majority of his time eas spent dealing with people, interacting, counseling, comforting, mediating and de-escalating difficult situations.

John retired from the Grand Rapids police in 2015, and founded Gentle Response LLC in 2016 with the goal of passing on and sharing what he learned about de-escalating a stressful situation.  John has a passion to help others develop the knowledge, skills and confidence to deal with a difficult person and prevent a volatile situation from becoming a critical violent incident.

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