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Genius Minds International

Genius Minds International

With the help of dedicated trainers, coaches and facilitators, students will be motivated and inspired to succeed both academically as well as morally and socially to become effective leaders in each of their communities. They will be encouraged and enabled to ACT on what they have learnt.




  • Ø   Students are reluctant to go home after every program due to the tremendous FUN they had during   
    their learning sessions!
  • Ø   Students have such a great learning experiences that they want to LEARN MORE!




ü   Students who have gone through Gifted Success© programs have shownsignificant improvement in their confidence and self-esteem that have enabled them to ace the important national examinations.


ü   Students are better able tocommunicate with ease and confidence with their peers, teachers, parents, other adults etc.


What Are Our Methodologies?

An Effective Education Programinvolves teaching children HOW TO EFFECTIVELY APPLY the knowledge they acquired so that learning is practical, relevant and meaningful.

  • We believe that children learn best in a fun, loving and positive environment so that they will grow up to be happy, confident and loving adults.
  • Education should also inculcateindependence in the child through self-discovery and interactive programs whichtransform learning into a passion rather than a chore.
  • Values determine behaviour. Our system is an integrated and multi-faceted approach to provide healthy and holistic learning for children. Character comes first. It is the basis and foundation of a solid education in life.
  • Children will be groomed to become life-long learners and be able to become outstanding professionals in whatever career they choose to embark on because of their specialized knowledge and theirresponsible and reliable character. 


本公司(Genius Minds) 成立的目的是为了培育天才,协助学生在学业上,成人在事业上达到事倍功半的效果。我们也会与学校,家长与企业配合,协助他们激发潜能。


我们能为您的孩子做些什么? What We Can Do For Your Children 



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