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Creative Expression can be used as healing.

We rely on symbolism, pictures, stories, colors, and patterns to communicate our most inner wants, passions, insecurities, and self. Art is a universal activity that anyone can engage in.

​Our ancestors relied on art for ceremonial purposes, basic communication, and to identify clans or tribes. Creating a piece of art that is uniquely yours and sharing it with your tribe, community, and self allow one to feed the soul and nurture the spirit.

 GenerationArt offers a place for this healing work to begin and to blossom in the hopes of creating ongoing generations of collaborative community health, healing, and community leadership. 


GenerationArt was founded and currently owned by Dr.  Tami Jollie-Trottier. Dr. Jollie-Trottier utilizes art to promote healing and leadership development in Indian Country. She paints images that tell a story of faith and cultural identity, promoting the building and maintenance of a strong foundation as part of one’s journey. GenerationArt is used as a place to gather, learn, and create. We are pleased to invite local artists to host workshops where they can teach their craft to members of the community.

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