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Life is about self-discovery, growing from within, but also sharing wisdom and experience from others. Geekettes is a new organization facilitating relationships between female entrepreneurs in the technology sector. I created Geekettes as it became increasingly clear that female technology professionals required their own grassroots structure to share wisdom and experience. 

Organic growth allows us to build a community based on personal relationships and subsequent trust. We exchange experiences, strategize solutions to common problems, and support each other professionally and personally. 

Geekette’s blog is a tool to further develop spontaneous growth. It is a portal allowing us to access the rich lives of the extraordinary women who are making professional strides in Berlin. This blog features a new Geekette each month, offering a more expansive profile of a female who is capturing the attention of the technology sector.

Though skilled in 21st century communication, we value in-person networking events where we share human experiences and build personal relationships. Personal relationships will also be cultivated through a developing innovative mentorship program: Female technology students will be connected with female professionals who they can then shadow, consult, and develop their network with. 

The blog, meet-ups, and mentorships all spin a web of professional and personal relationships providing support, connections, and inspiration. The result is going to be female grads who will be inspired to start their own businesses, pioneer fresh ideas, invigorate relationships and excel professionally. Join us. 

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