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Growing Culture is a project created July 12, 2008 by Jorge Semedo Kennedy and Adriel Trombin in Luxembourg. Since 2010 it officially became a non-profit Association. The main goal of Growing Culture is to make urban and dance events, send messages of solidarity, sharing, peace, education, respect, friendship and culture. Growing Culture is primarily responsible for the organization and implementation of educational, cultural projects based on urban dance to achieve its objectives. This will be especially engaging groups or individuals for our activities, improving conditions and creativity of dancers or artists efficiently, significant and sustainable and informing individuals and invited audience on the history, activities, opportunities and concepts of interest presented by urban culture. Growing Culture has organized several events that reaches 200 and 500 people with the participation of dancers from Luxembourg, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Holland, England, Portugal, Korea, Morocco, Switzerland, Korea, Argentina and more...




is a dance concept that was created and developed by the association "GROWING CULTURE (GC)." "Growing Culture has developed and created events since 2008. The experience in the field of dance and the organization is not likely to miss. For the beginning of the "GC PROJECT" we plan to work by means of a dance school, "GC SCHOOL" followed by the international festival of urban dance the "GC BATTLES".




1. Educational Aspects.


By offering the training sessions the "GC SCHOOL" differs in its method of learning compared to other dance schools.

The "GC SCHOOL" allows to the dancers a more creative and social work. During dance sessions dancers are forced to focus on their own development while inspiring others. The exchange between dancers will allow more intensive learning in an artistic and communicative level. The dancers will also be asked to learn to share the room, music and ideas. Links and projects will be easier to create and achieve. The sense of an artistic environment will be emphasized.

The "GC SCHOOL" is primarily a positive atmosphere, a place of inspiration, a chance to tell your story through your body and a chance to discover your authenticity by your own dance.


2. Goal


The objective of the "GC SCHOOL" is to provide a place for national dancers and neighboring countries, often knowing that they have a lack to find places where they could gather to express their creativity and talent or a lack of financial conditions and logistic inaccessibility.

The "GC SCHOOL" final objective is to train professional dancers and mentor them in their journey of teachers, trainers, artists or competitors.




Let's give a place for the Urban dance!

Our goal is to show and developed the culture of urban dance in Luxembourg at a national and international level, for amateurs, professionals and lovers of dance! The project also involves the organization of a cultural event highlighting the practice at a high level of urban dance as a form of sport and artistic team competition (Battle).


- Valuing dance Hip Hop, by achieving a high level competitions open to the public.

- Create a cultural event towards youth that meets their expectations and to their tastes and accessible from a financial point of view.

- Promoting local artists in the field of Hip Hop dance, support the professionalization of high-level dancers.

- Organize a friendly and original event that highlights the talent, positive energy, motivation of today's youth, artists from sport point of view and from the point of view of voluntary commitment.

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