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But what do we do?

You could say we are a Foodies Club, you could say we are a Travel Club; you could also say we are a chefs/restaurant/hotel/entrepreneur's Membership Club.  We are all that, but we are also more! 

We are a non-for-profit organization that finds its mission in erasing boundaries of culture. FIGAT brings to the table:  Culture and Art at the next level! 


The Federation of International Gastronomy, Art and Tourism (FIGAT) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to sponsoring cross-cultural relationships through the love of food, art, service, education and travel.

FIGAT brings to your local table the taste of every culture by hosting small events at local venues that participate in our program.   

FIGAT received an honorary recognition for their contribution in the Global Peace Foundation Presidential Dinner in 2016. Meeting and mingling with Ex-Presidents of six Latin American countries inspired us to take our journey across the oceans. This year, 2017 the year declared by the United Nations, as the year of sustainable tourism; we have joined the United Nations, in an effort to blur cultural boundaries by means of Gastro-Tourism. According to the UNWTO “Gastronomy tourism has emerged as an indispensable resource, adding value and providing a solution to an increasingly pressing need for destinations to stand out and offer unique products."  Through a compendium of the different oral and intangible treasures of humankind worldwide, the program aims to draw attention to the importance of safeguarding intangible heritage, which UNESCO has identified as an essential component and as a repository of cultural diversity and of creative expression.”

FIGAT had been creating a structure to accomplish these goals since 2015 when we launched our first market test Acentos & Paladares, a fusion of gastronomy, all forms of art or cultural expression and hospitality services.

Part of our mission is to accomplish this “creative expression” in a marriage of art, culture and gastronomy all served in a silver platter of hospitality and customized to cater the internal tourist as well as the external one.

Through local “tastings” of the best of each culture and society, we expect to capture the interest and attention of our “foodies” to entice them to travel and experience it abroad and vice versa.

Each month, FIGAT organizes and hosts a Destination Cultural Tasting at a local venue in Miami, FL (Foodie’s Capital of the World) to highlight a different country or World sector’s culture and raise awareness of its unique attributes and features.

We showcase celebrity and high-end chefs from the country we are featuring. These chefs cook and share knowledge of the country’s customs, practices, agriculture, evolution, and culinary history. Each tasting dinner begins in FIGAT’s imaginary airport as we “board” our simulated airplane departing to the featured destination. The dinners are an on-stage-demo cooking show, and waiters pose as flight attendants. Most of our dinners are interactive, and with a “pinch” of theatrical performance by artists that educate participants on the local culture and folklore. We end each dinner with a small preview of our next Destination Dinner.

Our Foodie Club VIP Members and Professional Members qualify for FIGAT’s Passport Program “Taste to Travel and Travel to Taste”tm. Each event has its uniquely designed Destination Badge (our members collect badges with attendance). These badges turn into credit points for travelling with FIGAT. FIGAT also organizes hands-on international cooking classes and grants foodies with points to acquire FIGAT’S INTERNATIONAL FOODIE CERTIFICATE. 

FIGAT’s Passport is good to enter sweepstakes to our Gastro-Tours (FIGAT’s unique international vacations featuring authentic, immersive experiences with local people, cultures, and cuisines). We have presence in nine countries, a team FIGAT/FEGAT receives the guests and provides meaningful support and guide on each journey.

FIGAT aims to support local economies and create memorable experiences that highlight the best of each cultural heritage while creating jobs and means of extra income for our members.

Our next Destination Dinner is the Caribbean, Puerto Rico. We seek sponsors to help us feature this Paradise Island with their support and contribution, without your support it will not be possible. Tickets are on sale on Eventbrite: Chef Curated Dinner Show Cocina Teatro.

It will be a great opportunity for anyone in the industry of Food &Beverage, and Hospitality and Tourism to participate and learn more about all that FIGAT has to offer.




The Chef Curated Dinner Show - Cocina Teatro

The first of the many upcoming events from the International Federation of  Gastronomy, Art, and Tourism.

Figat takes over local venues and brings imported chefs to present to you cross-cultural gourmet flavors, preparations, and techniques in our Stage-Performed-Workshop Chef Curated Dinner Show.

These events are all part of our Boutique Gastro-Series of pop-ups, events, workshops and foodies certificates. In this program, Taste to Travel and Travel to Taste tm, you will experience different cuisines from around the World; one Dinner-Show at a time. The more Dinner Shows you attend, the more knowledge and points you accumulate to qualify for International Foodies Passports/ Certificates and points to earn Gastro-Tours to any of the nine countries participating in FIGAT.

The Gastro-Tours are exclusive food-tasting experiences with private chefs, the best restaurants in the city, agriculture, history of cuisine and heritage, fishing, boating and many more amenities and activities according to each sector visited. Guests stay at local private mansions or hostels and enjoy immersive experiences with local people and cuisines.

At this upcoming presentation on September 23, 2017, we are showcasing the flavors of the Caribbean featuring the island of Puerto Rico; several times winner of best cuisine in the competition Taste of the Caribbean hosted every year in Miami. Our guest chefs, both puertorrican arrive to Miami to Pekaditos Resto Theatre to highlight the island’s culture and raise awareness of its unique features and attributes. Figat showcases restaurants that serve authentic cuisine from the country, guest chefs that share knowledge of the country’s customs, and artists that delight us the local featured culture.

The five course tasting menu, wine pairing, cooking workshop, and comedy theater by a celebrity comedian are all included in the price. There will be an optional cash bar to taste exotic cocktails.

Celebrity Chef Ventura Vivoni from the WIPR Channel show Travesìas con Sabor, and creator of Chuleria en Pote, will be cooking on stage and teaching us the best of the Farm-to-Table concept. Chef Pablo Antonio from the Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando will be preparing delicious desserts and hand made chocolate truffles. Noris Joffre renowned actress of puertorrican television and theatre will be conducting the show and making us cry with laughter.

You can't miss the first of the series of events and this one-time presentation's Passaport collectible badge. Next event, we will bring the Flavors on Macondo to your table, followed by Tasting the Mayan, Mediterrenean Delights, Sinatra's Cravings! Collect them all!

Hope to see you there!



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