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Garrison Retreats is a 501(c)(3) organization formed solely to address, educate, and reduce the current Veteran Suicide rates in America of 22 per day. We are a very new organization looking to grow as fast as we can to rovide the proper resources to those Veterans that truly need it. We identify the Veterans though a developed point system that can be found on our webpage and vet the information from supporting documents that must be uploaded with the application. Our goal is to conduct a ten day retreat twice a month that can hold 24 Veterans separated in two groups. The ten days will have a structured schedule with group theraspy happening everyday along with a wide variety of activities to keep the Veteran's mind occupied and engaged. We will ensure that every Veteran will have a battle buddy during their retreat where they can reflect with each other on past or present exeperiences and hopefully builda new support system within their groups. Licensed therapist will be on hand at all times to provide one on one counseling if the need arises. Providing a new skill and knowledge for their return home is our focus to assist the Veteran. The last few days of each retreat we will ask the spouse or sigificant other to join their Veteran and learn the skills together, becuase we realize that the home support system is much stronger than anything outside of that network can provide. Those are our goals and dreams for the future of the organization please visit us on Facebook or our webpage at

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