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G416 Patriots

                          Mission Statement

In conjunction millions of Americans in the US and the world we are committed to Protect and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America and its Bill of Rights from all enemies, foreign and domestic.
We promote informed and coordinated civic action leading to public policies that ensures America’s national security against ideological Islamic (economic, cultural, political and legal) systems that are being forced upon unwilling citizens of the United States.
Islamic ideology if implemented partially or fully denies US citizens their individual rights granted by God and guaranteed in the American Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Therefore, our mission is to:

> Educate and inform the American public about the threat of radical Islamic Ideology by providing them with information from experts on the:

>> Quran so as to understand its directives for dealing with "kaffirs", i.e. non-Muslims or infidels.

>> Life of Muhammad, and the works of Islamic scholars, past and present, to understand the military and  political nature of Islam.

>> Threat of Sharia Law and how it subjugates those under its rule, and eliminates  liberty and freedom.

> Enhance homeland security against terrorist threats, both foreign  and domestic.

> Support public policies that contribute to our national and local security.
> Highlight the spiritual battle going on between Islam and Christiany/Judaism.

> Work with those groups who are working with clergy and congregations in using the power of the Holy Spirit to change the hearts and souls of Muslims


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