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Future Proof brought to you by richardsonhowarth

Future Proof is a development programme comprising a series of short workshops brought to you by Richardsonhowarth. Future Proof has been designed and developed to help Third Sector organisations, like yourself, become more entrepreneurial and business like with a view to supporting your long term sustainability. Richardsonhowarth have worked in the third sector for many years and from this experience, aim to show you how to:

  • Appreciate just how critical it is to the future survival and growth of your organisation for you be more entrepreneurial and business like in everything you do.
  • Put in place entrepreneurial governance and leadership processes and practice to ensure that your organisation has always got an eye to the future and leads from the front.
  • Use entrepreneurial planning approaches to help you become more business like , manage risk and bring added value that will future proof your organisation.
  • Measure your performance and impact in an entrepreneurial way that includes both social and business objectives, provides useful information for you and your clients, as well as your sponsors, and helps shape new and better ways of doing things in the future.
  • Be more entrepreneurial in how you present your successes and added value and how you communicate or 'sell' your organisation's achievements and promote your future plans to others.

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