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FUSiON Dance Fitness - Chicago

In pursuit of Corporate success, I’ve struggled to incorporate dance into my life consistently.  I believe this to be true for two reasons: as an adult, it’s difficult to find the right class/instructor/schedule combination and my ascribing to the mentality that my job is my top priority.  I’ve recently come to realize that my HEALTH should be my top priority.  I believe this to be a common struggle among people chasing “The American Dream” via the Corporate ladder. 

As I work to reclaim my own health/wellness/physicality, I hope to encourage others to have it all as well:  success, as they define it and whole body (mind, body, spirit) wellness.  I plan to contribute to this mind shift movement through dance fitness. 

FUSiON Dance Fitness-Chicago offers a fitness-focused dance class that incorporates multiple dance styles (i.e. jazz, hip hop, afro-centric movement) with a focus on dance fundamentals (body placement) and body weight resistance training. 

I look forward to dancing with you, Chicago!

Shauntrece aka "Dr. Nikki", Founder & Artistic Director

"Dancers are the athletes of God" - Albert Einstein

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