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Our Story

FunDimension was conceived of in order to offer the local community an indoor center for children to enjoy play, entertainment and personal enrichment. Company founder Joyce Frohman, the mother of a curious, adventurous seven-year-old, realized that greater Miami offered limited, family-friendly recreational options for children.

Her familial needs are shared by many parents in the surrounding neighborhoods who spend countless hours in traffic, in hopes that their children could enjoy a day of play at an indoor activity center or have an amazing birthday party. Joyce recognized the opportunity to create her own concept of a boutique-style family entertainment center with a more central location for people living in and around Downtown Miami, Key Biscayne and Miami Beach.

She shared her idea with her husband, Gary, and some of her closest friends, who all shared and embraced her vision. Together, they decided to join forces to create FunDimension, a place that is unique to any other children’s place in South Florida. In searching for an ideal location, they decided Wynwood, with its rise in popularity, and central location in Miami’s Biscayne Corridor, would be the best place to bring her idea to life. Having found the right location, plans are now moving forward with the intention of opening in Fall 2017.

Our Vision

A great deal of imagination, thought and team effort went into the creation of FunDimension. We envisioned an inclusive environment that both children AND adults would enjoy together!  We recognized the value of creating a local state-of-the-art Entertainment Complex where kids can freely exercise their imagination in a safe and sanitized setting, while giving parents a chance to unwind and connect with friends. The result is a boutique-style indoor family entertainment center combined with a delicious food/coffee/beer/wine lounge all in one.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a unique, world class entertainment experience for family members of all ages where fun and imagination meet interactive attractions for parents and children to HAVE FUN TOGETHER!  Our state-of-the-art facility takes pride in providing safety, cleanliness and fun for all. We treat each of our families as if they are our own.  We aim to ignite this business with heart and dedication while creating memories that last a lifetime.

Our Commitment

We believe there is always an opportunity to contribute joy to our local community, whether it is through enabling families to spend quality time together, raising funds for worthy causes, or even just putting a smile on a face that has been longing for happiness.

For every child and family that we have the privilege of welcoming into our facility, there are many others that need our help.  With that in mind, FunDimension plans to provide ongoing support to the local community with special offers on food and entertainment to the neighboring communities of Wynwood and Overtown.

Furthermore, we recognize the value of philanthropy as a family center focused on enriching the lives of children, and plan special days out of the year to volunteer our time and our center to foster a magical experience for youth programs and orphanages.

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