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Fundacion de Sobrevivientes de Trafico Humano

As volunteers, our complete board of directors and staff at FSTH – Fundación de Sobrevivientes de Tráfico Humano-Human Trafficking Survivors Foundation, we strive to fulfill every aspect of our mission and vision.

HOW BIG OF A PROBLEM IS MODERN SLAVERY? There are an estimated 27 million slaves in the world, including 50,000 children and 200,000 to 300,000 young and older adults exploited in the USA. The largest trafficking areas in California are San Francisco, San Diego, Los Angeles, and Orange County. F.S.T.H. has helped rescue individuals from extreme cases of violence:

• For example, a young mother was attacked with acid 50-60% of her body with 2nd and 3rd degree burns and on March 2013, under a humanitarian medical visa we were successful in having her admitted to the U.S.A where she was able to receive lifesaving surgeries. We are currently assisting her in the reunification with her children who have been separated from her for months.

• We have been assisting with an on-going case in the reunification of a mother whose children were taken by their violently abusive father.

• We have also helped a young girl who had been sexually abused as a child, who consequently suffered from mental illness because of her unreconciled trauma. She was further traumatized as she continued to be sexually abused during her mental fugue.

• We have assisted other families who have endured violence and exploitation.

Because we believe that you shares our same values, mission and vision, and are well known for collaborating with other organizations, we also welcome any possibilities to cooperate with you in the near future.

FSTH’s VISION: A world without violence, slavery, exploitation, and survivors of violence and human trafficking living dignified, happy self-fulfilling lives.

FSTH’s MISSION: To provide support to all those who have suffered abuse, domestic violence or any type of modern slavery (sexual or labor exploitation), or who have been deprived of their rights and/or freedom, and to ensure survivors receive respect and understanding.

• We Empower Survivors

• We Raise Awareness

• We Mobilize the Community

• We Advocate for Victims and Survivors


• Service Culture

• Dignity

• Integrity

• Respect

• Personal Growth

• Hope

• Solutions

• Advocacy and Community Approach



• We offer educational workshops on prevention of child abuse, domestic violence, modern slavery, abduction and exploitation, with an emphasis on what the “red flags” are and a focus on the reality of a growing tragedy that’s currently taking place in our communities.


• We restore physical, psychological, spiritual, emotional health and wellness, including the recovery of self-esteem to achieve full happiness.

• We provide the opportunity to volunteer and support survivors so they may regain their dignity, respect, happiness and growth.


Many organizations ask for support to achieve their goals and it is often difficult to choose with good intentions among so many organizations.

With FSTH, you can easily rest assured of selecting an organization with significant impact, support, and dedication, as we can reflect a history of successful accomplishments throughout the communities.


Virginia Isaias- Founder, President and Survivor

Virginia Isaias is an American citizen, born in Mexico, and a survivor of human trafficking.

She grew up in the heart of a violent home, and witnessing the constant abuse of her mother resulted in a difficult childhood for her. When she was 15-years old her father arranged for her to be married without her consent, which brought her 12 years of domestic violence.

During her life she went through multiple abuses with the culture of "keeping silent" and keeping a secret all the abuses she went through.

Even after all this she kept moving forward, until a trip she took to Guadalajara with her small daughter that turned her life around.

They were both kidnapped and taken to the capital of that country, from there to Oaxaca and from there to Chiapas, in which later on she was sold into prostitution for three months. She was tortured multiple ways and beaten until she was unconscious. Fortunately for her after the third attempt, Virginia was finally able to escape from her captors.

Even after all the horrors she went through Virginia has now overcome many of her traumas and has taken care of her children. She has brought an extraordinary service from more than 4 years to her community. She works arduously in helping women who have suffered ill treatment as the ones she suffered. 

She has confronted enormous challenges and now she wants to awaken the world's consciousness regarding this human calamity.  She is the Founder of “Survivors of Human Trafficking Foundation” whose Vision is:  A world without violence, slavery, exploitation, and survivors of human trafficking living dignified, happy self-fulfilling lives.

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