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Fund-A-Mental in Education Training & Consulting


Mission Statement:

Fund-A-Mental in Education Training & Consulting exists to empower and uplift local and global communities by offering meaningful, consumer centered opportunities of economic / social advancement by way of holistic approaches to learning in areas of education, vocational/ career training, and mental health consultations.

 Fund-A-Mental ETC is the non-profit arm of New Place Inc. 


We live in an ever changing society, one with a level of competitiveness that saturates not only our colleges and universities but seeps down into our communities and school systems. Curriculum, standards, and requirements become more and more demanding of even our youngest citizens. It has developed so that data collected from our children by the end of third grade is being used to determine how they will fare throughout the rest of their academic career, not to mention what job/career they will be allowed an opportunity in succeeding at.

With all of the changes in our society there still remains that under-represented population that held a greater chance of being labeled “at-risk” before the end of third grade due to some unforeseen life circumstance. A circumstance that caused some “mistaken” behavior to be charted as intentional “misbehavior”.  This population has a greater chance of not being supported throughout primary learning experiences, a greater chance of being told that he/she is a failure, a greater chance of dropping out of school, a greater chance of being placed in the juvenile court systems, and thus not having the tools to survive in an ever changing, fast paced, super competitive society.

Fund-A-Mental in Education Training & Consulting, a non-profit organization, exists to uplift communities by offering various levels of consumer-based support. We believe that everyone can learn and deserves a fair shot at enhancing or re-defining who they are by means of education, training programs, and consultation.  We believe that communities can be strengthened by offering resources, helping individuals uncover their talents, helping someone obtain that General Education Development diploma, or even arming someone with the interview skills needed to obtain a job.

Our hope is in strong communities and our belief is in empowering individuals. We are Fund-A-Mental in Education Training & Consulting; impacting, empowering, & inspiring!



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